SQL Server Developer in Hartford, CT at APEX Systems

Date Posted: 1/21/2018

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Job #:  807489

**If interested, send resume directly to Tim Staino,**







The Department of Children and Families depends on a core, mission-critical CCWIS, Connecticut’s Federally-reimbursed CCWIS (Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System).  Implemented in 1996, available on every desktop, and used by over 2,000 social workers and case managers, the application has been enhanced and modified continually to meet data capture and process functionality requirements driven by good child welfare case practice as well as State and Federal legislation and statute.  Additionally, CCWIS application continues to experience change chiefly in compliance with the 1991 Juan F. Consent Decree as well as the agency’s ongoing goal of improving the safety, permanency and well-being of children in care.


Concurrently, the agency implemented a multi-faceted, agency-wide outcome measure improvement plan that specifically addresses each of the twenty-two (22) outcomes targeted for improvement driven by the original Consent Decree.  A number of initiatives that comprise this improvement plan require the support of information technology.


DCF Information Systems provides technology expertise and services as well as an information systems infrastructure to the agency and its roughly 4,000 employees.  DCF Information Systems strives to improve continually improving technology services that are cost-effective and of the highest effectiveness and quality.






The agency needs to continue the service of this Software Engineer 2 consultant position. The candidate will participate in the design and development activities in support of the agency’s continued development of a CCWIS application/project and other SQL Server based applications.  The specific focus of this candidate will be the key CCWIS project support, CCWIS enhancement design and development of CCWIS environments and other SQL Server based applications.




The consultant will serve in the capacity of a database developer, participating in design and development activities, consistent with the architecture, in support of Web Services and CCWIS reporting initiatives.  Specifically, the candidate will be responsible for participating in and supporting the design and development of databases using MS SQL Server.


The consultant will be expected to work with management, business users, systems developers, and operations to clarify project scope;  review documented forms, processes, and data models; develop prototype databases and RDBMS solutions for user consensus building and signoff; code, unit integration, and systems test the emerging application or functionality; debug and correct errors until acceptance test is completed.  Support and maintain existing production SQL RDBMS solutions.


The consultant analyzes and documents requirements for information systems; develops and/or

oversees plans for automated data processing systems from project inception to conclusion; constructs data models and activity/process models as may be required to define system functions; coordinates closely with the Technical Architect, Business Analysis or peer Programmers to ensure proper implementation of program and system specifications; develops, in conjunction with functional users alternative solutions; provides support for the installation, testing, implementation, and ongoing maintenance of overall SQL Server related systems; tests, debugs, and refines the computer software to produce the required product; prepares required documentation, including both program-level, user-level and system documentation and finally, enhances software to reduce operating time or improve efficiency.


The consultant may also conduct and document the results of special studies dealing with systems and/or business process issues; analyze functional business applications and creates design specifications for developing programs; develop block diagrams and logic flow charts, and translates detailed design into computer software.




Refer to the State contracts for IT Professional Services Agreement (12PSX0251) for general experience and skill requirements for the job classification of Software Engineer 2.  For this position, the candidate shares experience and judgment with team to plan and accomplish goals, leads groups in performing a variety of complicated tasks, mentors less experienced staff, a wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected. In addition, the agency requires:


A minimum of nine (9) years of prior experience demonstrating the following knowledge and skills:


  1. Understands RDBMS principals such as Table Design, Normalization, ACID properties, Relationships, Referential Integrity and how these apply to SQL Server.
  2. Understands Data warehousing principals and is familiar with Inmon and Kimball Methodology.
  3. Knows how to optimize physical structures and data processing in SQL Server and T-SQL for OLTP vs. OLAP.
  4. Knowledge of Tracing, Monitoring, and Auditing facilities and methods for SQL Server.
  5. Create and schedule Batch Jobs to run on SQL Server.
  6. Work closely with application developers and business users to design databases.
  7. Design databases using PowerDesigner/Erwin, logical and physical level.
  8. Develop database objects including tables, indexes, triggers, views, stored procedures and functions.
  9. Create DTS packages and jobs to monitor, backup, import/export data and data warehouse extracts.
  10. Review peer database design and code.
  11. Work on conversion of structured and non structured data.
  12. Participate in the definition, documentation and application of our Coding and Naming Standards.
  13. Provide support to developers and/or testers to resolve technical problems with data and/or databases.
  14. Experience in supporting SQL Server-based .NET applications.
  15. Experience in assisting business analysts our business consumers in the modeling their data needs.


Experience with the following environments is preferred:


Implementation and support of child welfare software applications and specifically, CCWIS/SACWIS systems.




Deliverables include, but are not limited to:


Specifically, the candidate will be responsible for ensuring that recommended development and modifications to the CCWIS Application/Project and other SQL Serer environments meet the operational mission of the application as well as conform to the expected technical standards of the application.  Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Provides technical support over a team of mainframe developers to ensure the technical appropriateness of proposed modifications supporting the CCWIS Application and other SQL Server related applications.
  2. Assists the Application Manager in coordinating activities related to each quarter’s software development lifecycle.
  3. Acts as the applications' database administrator (DBA) for the purposes of maintaining the physical structure of the agency’s SQL Server environments, basic performance tuning, consulting with the development staff on changes to the structure of the database and troubleshooting.
  4. Serves as a liaison between the agency and DOIT to coordinate support activities related to the mainframe or SQL Server environments.
  5. Coordinates DCF IS mainframe change control.


  1. Specifically, to develop source code, build applications and/or write programs that produce (display) agency performance reports and other outcome information for strategic planning and service monitoring. The consultant will be expected to work with the business owners within the Department to plan, develop, debug, and launch functional, interactive reporting tools that comply and integrate with DCF's and State of Connecticut 's information system's environment and rules.  The consultant may also be required to create documentation and/or manuals/guidance to support use of the reporting applications by users at various skill levels. The consultant should have the ability to define data flow; design screens, forms and reports; define data elements;  designs and develops tables and relationships; and  write utilities for system management, reporting, file clean up and auditing.




**If interested, send resume directly to Tim Staino,**